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Competition is good .. I'm talking to you Tesla

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

The jury is out but from what we can tell, the new Chevrolet Silverado is one sexy beast. Silverado EV offers up to 400 miles of all-electric range on a full charge. With a new E-4WD system capable of delivering nearly instantaneous torque to all four wheels simultaneously, available Four-Wheel Steer and an available Four-Corner Air Ride Adaptive Suspension, Silverado EV combines cutting-edge tech with over a century of truck-building know-how to create a truck that more than delivers on its legendary name. The truck will be available starting summer 2024 and prices start under $40,000. That's a lot of truck and a lot of tech for a price that will bring electric vehicles to the average vehicle buyer and we haven't even gotten to the $7,000 plus government tax incentives for going green. This truck is a no brainer!

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